People Help The People

Birdy is my new favorite musical artist. Her voice is so beautiful, and her sound so soulful. It reaches down into my heart and touches it. And she is only fifteen years old!

This video is so moving. It really shows the loneliness and despair that ordinary people – like you and me – experience that often goes unnoticed. And that we can be there to take the hand of others when they need it.

Tonight I had the honor of having a friend reach out to me for support. The amount of pain that she has had to endure, no one should have to endure alone. I think she’s one of the bravest people I’ve ever met, and we’re just getting to know each other. I know she doesn’t think of herself as brave, but I do. This is for her.


“And if you’re homesick, give me your hand and I’ll hold it…”




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3 responses to “People Help The People

  1. Bourbon

    Wow to the fact that the song is amazing and she is only 15. But also wow to the fact that you wrote this post for me and you put up that song for me. So sweet. Thank you 🙂 I will keep returning to this post when I feel lonely or sad. many hugs, xxx

  2. Bourbon

    Listening again… needed that. thank you x

  3. mmscandy

    this song sings how beautiful it is when people help people. A rule to live by.

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