Rapid Resolution Therapy – before

I’m nervous as all heck. I am sitting waiting to meet with this man to have a session for something called “rapid resolution therapy.” I have no idea what to expect. I had watched his training videos, and was very impressed, but now when it comes to me actually doing it I have no idea what to think. None. I wish I hadn’t gotten here so dang early, so I wouldn’t have endless minutes to think and ruminate about it. It’s an enormous amount of money, and I just hope I get something out of it. My therapist Bean is thankfully going to be sitting in. That helps quell my fears quite a bit. Not enough for me to feel calm and comfortable by any means. But enough to not make me go into panic mode at the moment. I’m only going to be meeting with this man once. He’s that confident in his method that he believes transformation can occur in one sitting. We shall see. I’m a bit skeptical, but considering my history with people claiming they can “help” me, you can’t really blame me.

I’ll write another post about the whole experience after it’s over. For now, I’m going to cross my fingers, take deep breaths, and hold my stuffed horse close. Wish me luck folks. Wish me luck.


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