Rapid resolution therapy – N/A

Long story short ~ The founder of rapid resolution therapy determined that mine was a more complicated case than what he could effectively treat in one 1-3 hour session. He said due to my past trauma, my lack of conscious awareness of much of my trauma (ie my dissociation), and my initial inability to trust him (I kept pushing my chair further away from him), he said that he felt several sessions would be needed in order for the treatment to be effective and transforming. Since he was leaving on a flight going back to Florida later on last night, doing those sessions with him wouldn’t be feasible. Therefore, he’s going to give me the name of a well trained therapist local therapist (trained in this method) whom I can work with. My therapist Bean is very supportive of this idea.

Will keep readers updated as we go. For now, patience.


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  1. Well, at least he was honest. Though it’s still a bummer(and maybe not as rapid as you would have liked). Now I’M impatient!

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