Fun with migraines

I asked for a self-induced coma of sorts, and I got one. In the form of a migraine. When I get a migraine, and I mean a full-force migraine – with the noise sensitivity and light sensitivity and insane amount of pain and pressure inside my head – my thoughts get turned off. Or maybe they are just overpowered by the intensity of the pain in my head. Either way, I’m unable to hear the thoughts in my mind. Which is a nice break. The flip side is that I’m in such excruciating pain that I can’t do very much of anything. Even the back lighting from my phone is making my eye sockets pulsate with pain. Sounds fun, huh?

You might be wondering why on earth I would blog while in the midst of
mind splitting pain. Well firstly, I’ve always been quite good at pretending that pain isn’t there, however bad it is. So I’m good at carrying on as though I were fine. And also it serves as a good distraction. The pain is going to be there regardless of whether I’m laying in a dark, quiet room with a damp towel over my head or busy typing up my latest blog entry on my iPhone.

Okay reality is setting in and the dark, quiet room with the damp cloth on my head is beckoning me. I just hope this pain steps down a notch so I can fall asleep, unlike a few nights ago when my migraine delighted in keeping me up most of the night. Oh migraine god, whoever or whatever you are, please have mercy on me tonight and let me have some well earned sleep.



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2 responses to “Fun with migraines

  1. Yeah…pain is definitely a distraction. Turns off the thoughts. Hope you start to feel better. And I hope you find a way to turn off the thoughts without pain, as I am trying to figure out the same.

  2. Bourbon

    Thinking of you and hoping you are far far away in the land of the zzzzz’s 😀

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