Nothing to say

I haven’t posted anything lately because I literally have nothing to say. My brain just is a complete blank. This is the first time this has happened since I started this blog in mid December. When I started the blog, I did worry that I would run out of things to say, and somehow I found things to say – on an almost daily basis – for over two months. Now I feel I have literally run quite dry. I’m guessing this maybe is what writers block feels like? I’m not sure. But it’s like my brain has been emptied and there’s just nothing left to share.

Something to report: my rage has been getting the best of me this last week. Okay I guess that’s really all I feel like saying about that. Pretty pathetic, huh?

I see Bean tomorrow. We’re going to talk about my rage. Not R’s rage but my own rage. I’m not sure what to think or expect. I’m too tired to feel anything about it I suppose.

Well, the few readers that I have, please don’t give up on me just yet. I’ll be back writing, and soon I hope. Til then, maybe I’ll try and just enjoy this little lull without heaping unnecessary pressure on myself to create something out of nothing. And I just don’t have the energy to do that at this point.


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  1. You are a good writer and your blogs are enlightening. I think that as you work through this journey, you are going to find all kinds of things to write about, good and bad. The lulls are fine. This is your blog.

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