How hard is it

How hard is it to be clear. To spell something out in a way that it is easily understood, and all parties understand what is to be expected. Especially for a therapist, someone who supposedly has been trained in the art of communication. Really, HOW HARD IS IT??

I ask because, well, obviously me and Bean have been having issues as of late. Regarding her husbands role in her therapy practice. Regarding her having a seeming inability to give me advanced, clear notice about what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen. Is it really that difficult?

I don’t mind so much that her husband opened the door and let me in. It upset me, yes. But the biggest reason of why it upset me was because I wasn’t expecting it! She never bothered mentioning that her husband greets people and lets them in when shes’s still in session. You’d think that would be one of the first things she explains when I started seeing her at her home office. On top of not knowing her husband was going to answer the door, had never been properly introduced to him! The fact that she failed to tell me these things, or prepare me properly, is greatly disturbing.

I sent her an email outlining all the reasons I was upset. Why I felt it was unprofessional of her husband to approach me after session, and make casual conversation. Why I thought she should have done something about it, since she told me later, by email, that it was obvious I was uncomfortable with his presence. How she should have given me advance notice that he would sometimes be answering the door. SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CLEAR ABOUT THESE THINGS FROM THE BEGINNING.

Her response to my email was simple: let’s discuss this on Thursday. Oh and she happened to throw in that she has another client right before me this week. And that she will talk to her husband so that things are more comfortable this time.

WHAT IS THIS SUPPOSED TO MEAN? Why can’t she simply explain what’s going to happen? Is it really that difficult?

She has a client right before me. Okay. And…? Does this mean her husband will be letting me in again? Is he going to be there? Should I wait outside in the courtyard area until she is ready to see me?

So I wrote her an email saying that since I didn’t know what was going to happen, that I would feel most comfortable waiting outside. But what frustrates me is the fact that I even had to send that email. If she had been clear about what was going to happen, and how it was going to go, I wouldn’t have needed to outline what I was going to do. That’s not my job. She should be clear and concise about what to expect, especially after I’ve been so clear that I need to know these things. That I don’t like not knowing. That I don’t like surprises.

It’s frustrating that I feel like I need to give my own therapist a lesson on communication and manners. And it sucks.

I’m so close to being done with her completely.

All for a quiet day…


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