Rest now

Your mind has been at it for days. It’s been one struggle after another. Just when it feels like one battle is over, another one is just beginning.

Rest now. Your body and mind have been pillaged. You deserve a break. You can give yourself a break. Take a break from the fighting. From the anxiety. From the turmoil. There’s no sense in worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow will be tomorrow. Let yourself rest tonight.

Breathe. Go inside. Set it all down. Put away your weapons. Say surrender, just for tonight. You are not giving up. You are saying you’ve had enough. You are saying you can’t do it anymore, or at least you can’t do anymore tonight. Because you can’t. You can’t do anymore. Your mind wants to keep you running. Keep you fighting. Keep you struggling.

Breathe. Put it aside. Curl up inside yourself. Nothing more to do. Nobody else to talk to. The only thing you need to do tonight is rest. Your body will rest – let your mind rest too. It has taken quite a beating.

It is okay. You can pick it all up again tomorrow. Even soldiers have to take a break from the fighting. Even you have to take a break from this onslaught of anguish and turmoil.

Go inside. Go inside. It is safe. You don’t have to stay on guard. The body will be okay without you. There is no threat. It is safe. Go inside. Pull yourself in. Curl up. Go somewhere where you feel safe, where you can let go. Because you can – let go. You can let your defenses down. It’s okay. Let other parts of you take over, for tonight. Let other parts watch out for you. Let other parts take care of you. You take care of everyone else. Let other parts take care of you, even just for one night.

Rest. Rest. Lay down inside and rest. Curl up and be safe. Let your guard down. You have permission to let it go for one night. Nothing bad is going to happen.

Rest now.


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