A thousand pounds lighter

I am feeling a thousand pounds lighter after seeing Bean tonight. All that fear and that worry was for nothing. I was afraid she was going to be cold and distant and defensive like she was last session, but she wasn’t at all. What a relief. She was kind, warm, loving, caring, and thoughtful. She seemed genuinely concerned about me, and that made me feel really good. I was so afraid that she had changed, that she had shut down, that she had turned cold as my last therapist had. But that didn’t happen. All my skepticism and worry went out the window. I now feel without a question of a doubt that she cares about me. Now, just getting me to remember this!

I do want to share in detail about our therapy session, but this is neither the time, nor the place. I’m cozy in my bed about to fall asleep, and we don’t need to dredge up those things in my mind, only to ruminate about all of it for hours keeping me awake! And yes, I know my mind would keep me awake for hours thinking about it! (Who’s to say it won’t do that anyway! 😉 ) So, my little tiny handful of readers, I will share more about the session tomorrow when I can adequately ruminate. Until then, zzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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