Pedaling through the mountains

My partner is leading a bike ride in the mountains today. I’m very excited about for several reasons – I love riding my bike and have not done so in a long time. I also love being up in the mountains. I also have some worries though. I worry that my back isn’t going to be okay. I really haven’t done any sort of bike ride like this since my back was injured several years ago. I really hope I don’t make my back pain worse. I’m also nervous that there will be people there who I don’t know. The good thing is, with something like this, there isn’t much pressure to talk or socialize. If I feel like it, I can ride ahead, or pull back a bit if I feel like riding alone and no one will think it’s odd.

This will be a good test to see how my back holds up. And if my back does well, then I will be able to start doing more things like this. I do feel really out of shape, and have for the last several years. It’s amazing what a little back pain can keep you from doing. Or in my case, a lot of back pain… I have done easy walks and easy hikes, but not really any bike rides, nor anything really strenuous. I miss pushing my body. I miss going for long, hard hikes. I miss going for 30-40 mile bike rides and feeling sore and exhausted afterwards. So… Fingers crossed this will be a stepping stone to get me back to that point.


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