No One

I feel all alone. I know I have friends and a partner who love me and care for me but somehow this isn’t reassuring right now. At the core of my being I feel broken, unfixable, unloveable. And no amount of reassurance is going to change that.

I feel like a little child who’s been taken out to the woods and left all alone. Shivering and frightened and scared. And yet I’m an adult. Or so I am told…

Who will love and nurture me when everyone else is gone. No one. Who will comfort and hold me when everyone else is busy with other things. No one. Who will be with me when hardships come and protect me from the cruelest of evils. No one. Who will love me always, without fault, without expectation, without condition: no one.

No one no one no one. The sad truth is, I’m all alone. Now and always.


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