Twenty-two therapists

In the midst of trying to distract myself, I decided to count, off the top of my head, how many therapists I’ve had over the course of my life. Not including Bean, I counted 21. That makes Bean #22. Twenty-two. I’ve had twenty-two therapists. I had thought maybe ten, or twelve, or even fifteen, but no. Twenty-two. And that’s only psychologists. That doesn’t even include the psychiatrists I’ve seen.

Excluding four who I saw during my pre-teen and teen years (two of which I was told about but don’t actually remember), the bulk of these therapists were seen in the last ten years. That makes eighteen therapists in ten years. How is this even possible?

Gosh my mind must really compartmentalize things, because I truly had NO idea it was this many.

Huh. Weird.


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One response to “Twenty-two therapists

  1. Bourbon

    I never realised it was that many either! I’ve had 4 in 10 years lol. Wait. 5. Wait. 6 (but I was only with her for a month, she was rubbish). You know what you need in a therapist and you’re not going to rest until you get that … good for you I say. x

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