The mind that never stops

My mind never stops. Never slows down. Never takes a rest. My mind is going, thinking, all the time. Questioning, wondering, pondering, theorizing. Trying to figure things out. Trying to solve the perpetual riddle of who I am and what is going on for me. I suppose this is a good thing. Until it’s not. Until I am thinking too hard, pondering too long, and my mind starts to work against me. It’s nice to take a break from thinking every once in a while. Or so I would think. Since I’ve never quite experienced this.

My mind is the mind that never stops. That never rests. Like gears in a clock, it keeps grinding away. Ticking, tocking, ever thinking, ever pondering, ever wondering, ever churning. Trying to solve the mysteries of myself, of this world, of this life.



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4 responses to “The mind that never stops

  1. Bourbon

    I know what you mean. When fighting to reach the point of acceptance that I am… overcoming the denial is going to be huge… but stopping questioning every little thing is also going to be huge…. two massive hurdles…. didn’t really think about it but thats the truth, right? xxx

    • Yes definitely agreed. This seems to be working for me this week (or at least these past couple days), don’t you think? That I’m not going in circles like a chicken with its head cut off trying to overanalyze everything?

      • Bourbon

        Yes, I agree whole-heartedly. This may sound rather crazy, but have you ever thought of writing a letter to yourself so if you hit another bad bad denial point you can look at this letter and see very clearly the other side of the argument?

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