Blue-Grey Dawn

It is 6am. I am sitting on my sofa, curled in a blanket, with my laptop (appropriately) on my lap. I am gazing out my front window at the blue-grey dawn and the dark silhouettes of the trees. The lights from downtown twinkle in the distance. The birds are singing furiously, lighting the dark and overcast morning with song. I am, strangely, at peace.

Mornings are often frantic and hurried. Snooze has always been a very good and frequent companion, and I always am racing to make work on time. But not this morning. This morning I’ve been up since 2am. (I was woken by heartburn.) However, I’m actually thankful for this time I’ve had to just sit and ponder and read online. Usually my time to go online and read (articles, blogs, etc) is in the evening and there is often an element of frustration and angst that the days end is approaching and I will have to battle sleep. But with the morning, there is nothing to battle. I can just sit, and listen, and appreciate. It’s quite lovely actually.

Who knows, I may switch from a night owl to a morning person.
[Somehow I think the chances of this actually happening are highly unlikely.]



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4 responses to “Blue-Grey Dawn

  1. Sleep disturbances suck, but it can be really nice to have that time to yourself. I like late night/early morning because everyone’s asleep and the world is quiet and still. I think it makes me feel more peaceful, and that’s always nice.

    • Yes, I typically have loved staying up very late, and the feeling of being the only one awake while the rest of the world slept. I guess I never realized you can get as serene a feeling in the early morning hours as you can in the late night hours.

      Thank you for your response.

  2. just reading your post gave me a sense of calm šŸ™‚ glad you enjoyed your morning.

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