Done + What I Want

Done complaining

Done feeling sorry for myself

Done driving myself crazy

Done whining

Done thinking life is so hard

(It IS but what’s the use dwelling on it)

Done with the back and forth in my head

Done thinking

Done ruminating

Done analyzing

Done punishing (myself)

Done forcing what’s not there (ie memories)

Done jumping to conclusions (my therapist hates me)

Done dwelling on diagnosis (so I dissociate, so what)

Done making problems worse in my head

Done trying to over-assess myself

Done with the (constant) obsession of my mental state

Done worrying

Done arguing (with myself)




They say focus on what you WANT:


I will begin,

Accepting my experience without over-thinking and over-analyzing

Be open to whatever state I’m in without determining “what is happening” or “what part am I right now” (This is truly driving me crazy) –> ALLOW MYSELF TO BE MYSELF.

Be open to other possibilities other than your mind’s assumptions. (Don’t assume that when you haven’t heard back from your therapist it’s because you are overwhelming her, she hates you, or she has completely forgotten about you.)

Give your mind breaks from thinking about your mental health. IT IS OKAY TO DO THIS. You are not going to win an award for constantly thinking about your mental health. Sorry.

Allow yourself some fun and relaxation every once in a while. Get on your bike. Take a walk outside without being on psychforums on your damn phone. GET OFF YOUR PHONE. GET OFF THE INTERNET.

Breathe. You are allowed to relax. You don’t have to feel so imprisoned  all the time by external circumstances.

Allow others to see you. You are not going to die by making eye contact. Avoiding contact with others is actually worsening your social anxiety. You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to get better. By catering to your anxiety you are actually worsening it.

Allow yourself to go to bed early.  You don’t have to punish yourself by staying up late all the time. Try being kind and gentle with yourself one night by getting in bed extra early.

Slow down. You don’t have to have everything figured out RIGHT NOW.


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