The Sea and Me

I sit looking at the sea
Wondering at all the faces before me
Why are they here
What does it mean
Perhaps they’re here to set me free

I sit here looking at the sand
Wishing I were in a faraway land
I try to stand
I stumble down
Perhaps I’m not meant to leave this town

The sea it smiles, the sea it laughs
I draw my strength from courage past
I shall not bend, I shall not break
I stand up tall, my fist I shake
I will not let the sea break me
I will be strong, I will be free
I turn my back, I walk away
The earth it crumbles, the ground it shakes
The sea it cries, “Please do not go!”
I reply, “It’s for the best, and this you know.”

I walk alone, my soul it cries
Lost without the sea nearby
I tell my soul, for this I know
We must let go that we might grow

Maybe someday we might return
After our lessons have been learned
To see its rocky shore once more
And glide along its sandy floor.


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