A shattering of safety

*** trigger warning – violent acts depicted***

Just when my little shelter of a life feels safe, something comes along and shatters it. The reality is that this world is not safe. It is an illusion to think otherwise. There are cruel and evil people out there. How are we to pretend like we don’t know this, or that they do not walk amongst us. How do we do that? How do we push those knowledges aside. That danger lurks everywhere. How are we to ignore that. That men who desire to rape and kill and torture exist in every facet of society. How are we to overlook this fact. How are we, as women, to ever feel safe walking at night knowing these people exist.

Right now I wish I didn’t exist. Then I wouldn’t have to live in constant fear of threat. It is not an imagined threat. It is a very real threat. Something awful happened to a friend of mine and I just found out about it tonight. She was almost murdered at the hands of a sick sick man. She was chocked, dragged, and suffocated. She lost consciousness three times with this man’s hands around her neck trying to strangle her. She is lucky to be alive. She fought back. She fought back hard. I can’t say that if that happened to me that I’d be so lucky.

They haven’t caught the bastard.

Why do these sorts of things happen. Because there are sick sick people in this world. It just makes this world that much less livable. That much less bearable.

I can’t think about this anymore tonight. My brain is shutting down.

Where is safety in this world. Nowhere.



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2 responses to “A shattering of safety

  1. Bourbon

    Oh my god. I am so sorry 😦 there is just nothing to say to that. I’m really sorry and I am so glad your friend is okay though physical ok is a long way away from emotional ok I’m sure. 😦 xx

  2. oh brandic I’m so sorry. This is aweful. I second what bourbon said. And I hope they catch the motherfucker.

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