I try to come up for air
But I cannot.
Hands are clutching at me,
Grasping at me,
Pulling me back under.
I kick at them and
pry their fingers away
Yet they still come.
Clawing at me,
Killing me,
One clinging hand at a time.

I try to shout, GET AWAY
But instead water fills
my already compromised lungs,
and only a muted gurgle comes out.

The top, it’s so close,
The air, it’s so near
I can feel it
I can taste it
I am almost there

Then my mind is wrenched back to the hands
Grasping and pulling and drawing me down
They think they are helping themselves
By clinging on
They are only hurting themselves
And me in the process
We are all going to die

I am them and they are me
I cannot come up without them
They cannot drown without me
I with them
And them with me
Sinking eternally


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