How can I be okay

A friend committed suicide last night. I’m not okay. How can I possibly be okay. The partner of a dear friend. Is now gone. How is this even possible. How. Young. Talented. Kind. Gone.




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3 responses to “How can I be okay

  1. I’m so sorry brandic. Words are meaningless at a time like this. Imagine I’m sitting next to you and just being with you while you feel (or don’t feel)whatever you need to feel(or not feel).

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve lost several friends to suicide, and it’s very painful. I’ll be holding you and your friend’s family in my thoughts.

  3. Numb is a feeling. Sometimes it’s a response when the pain is so deep that we aren’t ready to face it yet. Suicide is very hard on the survivors, because it makes no sense. I am so deeply sorry that you are experiencing this right now. I lost a close friend who committed suicide, and the experience was really horrible.

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