A million miles away

This weekend is really hard for me. I want so much to be productive, to be cheerful, to reach out to people, to get stuff done, but I can’t. I can’t even feel connected to people at the moment. They all feel a million miles away. Even my partner, who is just in the next room.

I’m having so many feelings and so few feelings at the same time. Almost like the feelings I’m having, I’m experiencing them through a tunnel or something. I can feel them and I know they are there, but they too feel a million miles away. Sadness, loneliness, anger. Those are the main ones.

Perhaps I shall just go back to sleep. Fingers crossed I’ll be better when I wake.



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4 responses to “A million miles away

  1. Sparrow

    I’m in the same boat here. I can’t get anything done or be productive. If that isn’t bad enough my mom is pressuring me to go call a friend. It would be hard to tell her how I feel – like I can’t connect to anyone right now. I’m glad you shared that you were feeling this way – I feel less selfish now. However, I wish both you and I will feel better soon.

    • I’m glad my post helped you to feel less selfish. Sometimes I think people (especially our families) don’t get that we just need to be alone, and that there’s nothing wrong with that :). I actually am feeling better now, after sleeping for many many hours. Must’ve needed it :p. Hope you’re feeling better by now too.

  2. Bourbon

    Well. Whenever you do feel ready to connect to people I’ll still be exactly where I always am. Hope you wake up brighter. X

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