Sharp edges

Does the world to you ever feel like it has sharp edges? It does to me right now. The world is not the only place that feels sharp. My mind also feels sharp. Perhaps the sharp edges inside are creating the sharp edges outside.

I’m trying to focus on the things of beauty, like flowers and trees for example, but it’s really hard. My mind feels like it has a cheese grater running along it. Every little noise – like a cars engine or a helicopter – feels like knives pressing against my skin. Making me cringe.

How do I bring softness back into the world, into my mind? Perhaps I just need to be patient and wait til this passes. I don’t know. I’ve also noticed I’m not breathing. It’s like I’m swallowing air instead of breathing it.

Why do you continue to touch me
When I keep telling you no
Do I exist just to appease you
To be your one-woman show
You have taken everything
I now have nothing left
Now my life is simply just
Waiting for my own death


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