Coming apart. Free write

Stop. Listen. No. Silence. Screams. Cries. Whose. Mine, who else’s.

Wrong. Liar. Never to be trusted. Don’t trust anything that comes our of your own mouth.

Shut up. Why don’t you shut up already. No one wants to hear it.


just like snakes have tails and wolves have teeth, you have lies. All lies. That’s what you are made of.

Do snakes even have tails. Aren’t they just one long body?

Ugh. Why is my mind coming apart in pieces.

I hate myself. Hate. Loathe. Despise. Yes snake is appropriate. Venom. I have venom. Anyone who comes close will be poisoned.

Why do you in your wildest dreams think that anyone is going to care? Wishful thinker, aren’t you?

Why? Why is my mind so harsh? Where is the softness inside my head. The cushions and the feathers and the pillows. I need to find them. They are nowhere to be seen. Nowhere.

I am coming apart at the seams.


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