Thank you blogger community

Today I’m feeling a deep level of appreciation and gratitude to all of you in the blogging community. I am beginning to see this place as a place of “community,” not just somewhere that I come and write, and go away again. I started this blog in December, and for the many months since I’ve been writing, have used this place primarily as a place of writing. In the last few weeks, I have really begun reaching out and exploring this world that is blogging, reading other’s posts and commenting on them, and I am struck with a feeling of awe and reverence.

There are so many amazingly strong, insightful, reflective, and courageous people out there who have the courage to write about what is closest to their hearts. Or simply write about what they enjoy. Regardless of what it is that you all write about, it is important, because you are sharing a part of yourself in whatever small or big way.

I have very much enjoyed reading your blogs and getting to know you through your blogs. I appreciate what you all have to say, and I find that I am often uplifted and inspired by it. You all are teaching me new things every day. Through your writings, you (all) are making me think about things that I may not necessarily think about. You are providing me with new perspectives on things, and broadening my (seemingly) small and finite world.

So this post is for you. To all you bloggers out there – Thanks.



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8 responses to “Thank you blogger community

  1. Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing your journey with me.

    • Thank you as well. I find so much of your writings insightful and really help me to look at, analyze, and make sense of my own experience. So thank you!


    i totally agree with you. I just started blogging as an outlet and to kind of vent my own feelings about my husbands illnesses and how we cope with them but i have also written about my own….i find myself trying to put positive things on my post…which of course my husband will tell you i am an optimist and a positive type of person always trying to help. I stay pretty board since I have been sick myself….so this i have started to enjoy and try to see how others feel and of course the goofiness in my wants to help and i say goofiness because even in my medicated stooper i seem think of others….not always but i feel like i am making myself sound like a goof ball…but i am also on pain meds so the world is all right now. lol.. anyway enough of the babbling. I agree with you and think you are right….hope you have a good night sweet dreams…..

    • Yes writing can be so therapeutic. I’m also learning that reading (others words) can be therapeutic as well.

      Thank you so much for your response.

      (ps I know what it’s like to be on heavy duty pain meds – so please don’t worry about babbling!)

  3. I totally agree with you. I really appreciate the community here, & reading everyone else’s posts definitely helps me feel more connected to humanity. So thank YOU for being part of the community, and for helping me connect 🙂

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