Old with iPhones

When I walked my dog to the park this morning, I saw this older man sitting there on the park bench. (I say “older” because I don’t like the stigma that comes with the labels of “old man”, “old woman”, or “old people.” [I feel it tends to stereotype them and not see them for the multifaceted people that they are – but that’s for another post. Don’t get me started!] Annnyhew…) As I looked at this man just sitting there, I had this thought: When my generation is old, we will be sitting on park benches on our iPhones. And for some reason, this thought was horribly depressing to me. I mean… can you imagine? And walking into a convalescent home – all the older people sitting around staring at their iPhones. I don’t know. Because you know it’s going to be like that, right? Is it just me, or is this thought really depressing!


Random thought for the day. Just wanted to share! 🙂



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4 responses to “Old with iPhones

  1. It’s a sad commentary on what this society is becoming. No face to face conversations, we are technology driven sadly. No wonder there is so much loneliness in the world.

    • I agree. I find it depressing that the value of face-to-face conversation has become almost obsolete. I feel lucky to have grown up before cell phones and the Internet. I know that makes me sound old but I don’t care. It depresses me to see everyone walking around absorbed in their iPhones, and at the same time I do the same thing. It helps me to feel like there’s a barrier between me and other people, like a form of protection somehow. But at the same time I hate that I do that, because I want to be able to interact with people in regular ways rather than try to escape from them.

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