2 responses to “Rising above the clouds

  1. I am so sorry you had to experience this. Now I have another person to add in my book of “People I want to punch in the face”. I know this is probably the last thing you need to do, but this person should be reported and lose her licence for practicing any kind of therapy. Wow! Just when you thought you had heard it all.

    • Yes… I have been contemplating that ever since that all went down. At first, it was all too raw and painful to think about, and now, I don’t want to give that person one single more thought or one more ounce of effort than I’ve already given her. However you are right. She should not be practicing. Therapists must have decent boundaries. The thing she would continue to tell me, time and time again when I would bring up the boundaries issue (I was having to be the one implementing boundaries!) was: Well… I’m not a “rules and boundaries” sort of therapist. Yeeeah. And look how good that turned out for you. Ugh.

      I need to get my act together and do it. If for nothing else, to protect others from having to go through what I went through.

      Another awkward part about the whole thing is that she was recommended to me by one of my psych professors at the university I went to. Apparently they are (were?) close colleagues. I have much respect for this professor, and in a way I feel like I would be betraying *her*, were S’s license revoked. I know it’s a guilt game I’m playing on myself, and I really shouldn’t worry about said professor, but I do. I worry about what she’ll think of me if she were to find out *I’m* the one to have ruined her friend/colleague’s career.

      Wow I’ve never written out all my feelings about this. Thank you for your comment because it prompted me to do just that!

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