The Flip-Flop Mix-Up and other humorous tales

I thought I would write a lighter post. πŸ˜€


The other day, it was super hot outside and I didn’t feel like putting my sneakers on to walk my dog due to the heat. I have a pair of very old, very dilapidated flip-flops* that I have worn over the years, especially when it’s hot out, but as I’m trying to be more conscious of not doing things that could exacerbate my back pain, I figured these old flip-flops that probably should have been retired years ago were probably not the most conducive in supporting my back.

A nice, well-made pair of my partner’s flip-flops have been sitting in the entryway of our apartment for months, unused and untouched. Seeing that she basically never used them, and seeing the rugged condition of my own flip-flops, and then taking into consideration the blasting heat outside, there seemed one clear and obvious solution.

Me: Hey babe? [Shouting across the apartment.] Can I borrow your flip-flops?

Partner: [From the other room] Yeah, sure.

As I’m slipping them on, she comes into the entryway.

Partner: [Brandic], those aren’t my flip-flops, those are your flip flops!

Me: They’re not mine!

Partner: Well, they’re definitely not mine.

Me: Well then whose are they?

Partner: [Brandic] I’m pretty sure they’re yours. I remember when you bought them, like a year ago.

Me: No I didn’t… [spoken incredulously]

Partner: Yeah, I’m actually pretty sure you did. You bought them for some trip I think. And I remember you wearing them a lot when you first got them.

I began laughing. For all these months, I had thought those flip-flops belonged to my partner, and she was thinking (or rather knowing) all along that they belonged to me!

I could not for the life of me remember buying them, or even wearing them. My partner said that I had bought them for a trip, but she couldn’t remember which one.

Ever since that day – the day that the case of the mystery flip-flops was solved – I have yet to remember anything about these sandals – from buying them to wearing them to owning them. And the thing that makes this whole thing even stranger is that I hardly ever buy clothes for myself (including shoes/sandals), and when I do, it’s because I really need them, and I end up wearing them for years until they are falling apart (eg my last pair of flip-flops).

So that’s the humorous – yet puzzling – story of the flip-flop mix-up!

* For those of you who are from other countries (since many of my readers are), and may not be familiar with the term “flip-flops”, that’s what we call the universal sandals that are shown in the photo at the top of the post.


Something else funny that happened this past weekend:

As some of you who follow my blog may know from reading my last post, I did a ten mile hike on Saturday (of which I’m very proud!). The reason for the hike was to help me hone my leader skills, since I’m wanting to become a Sierra Club leader with my local hiking group. So I planned the hike, recruited my partner and one of her friends, and we set off.

Overall it was a success, despite the extreme heat – and therefore fatigue that comes with it.

I brought along a hikers guide book to share some tidbits about the area. As I was reading, this happened to slip out of my mouth:

Me: We are entering the such-and-such Nature Preserve. This is a popular nesting ground for golden egos!

I caught my mistake just as my audience did, and we all began laughing.

Me: I mean golden eagles! [laughter percolated through my speech]

Partner’s friend B: I want to hatch a golden ego!

It was a funny slip, and it also helped me to realize that it’s okay to laugh at oneself every now and then. After all, mistakes can be quite funny. πŸ™‚

Hope you all are having a great Monday!



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4 responses to “The Flip-Flop Mix-Up and other humorous tales

  1. Considering it was an ego, that is very literally a Freudian slip! πŸ™‚

  2. Was laughing out loud as I read this. My cousins thought I had lost my mind πŸ˜€

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