Hike + Hair!

I had a fabulous hike today with a friend. For our lunch spot, we stopped at this lake (see pictures below) and my friend said she just had to go in. It was extremely hot today, so it didn’t take much to get me to go in too! We swam for a good 30-40 min.



Then afterward I treated my friend to a coffee at Starbucks, and we sat and had a nice chat. It’s nice that after five hours of hiking together, we still were enjoying each other’s conversation. 🙂


When I got home I asked my partner if she would shave my head. An impulse that overtook me last summer when I was feeling like a change and tired of my puffy thick head of hair. So this time around, she wasn’t quite as shocked at my request. 😉

I went from this:


To this:


I feel like a new person and my head actually feels ten pounds lighter! 😀



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3 responses to “Hike + Hair!

  1. Great for you! I’ve been wanting to do that, simply because when I go to bed my hair looks all super model perfect ( I wish) and I wake up looking like an over used five year old mop, and that doesn’t even count the hot and sticky feeling and the annoying hair getting wet in the shower bit 😦 Just bleh

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