Everything and nothing

I look around me
All I see is darkness
It hangs thick in the air
It percolates into my pores
I am lost
Enshrouded in loneliness
I long for something
Which I can’t explain
Pain punctures my consciousness
Like a knife into a wound
How I long to cling to solace
Yet its embrace eludes me
I long for the rains of peace
To shower onto my mind
What is it this darkness is after
To ruin and condemn?
To smother me in its tight hold
Til I finally give in?
My soul it cries silently
And wanders these dark halls
If only a light could shine on me
And save me from myself
All I seek
Is everything and nothing
All at once



Filed under Poems

5 responses to “Everything and nothing

  1. <3<3<3 The light will find you when you least expect it

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