Fat Cat #2




Is it just me, or does Fat Cat* look not-so-fat in these photos? Perhaps the light blue background has a slimming effect. :p

*In actuality, “Fat Cat” is not really superbly fat. He’s just…big. Or perhaps that’s the blindness of a mother’s love, I don’t know. People pitching in their opinion on the matter might help to clear up this question once and for all: Is FC fat?



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8 responses to “Fat Cat #2

  1. maybe “big boned” or “cuddly” but in all seriousness fat cat doesn’t look fat to me!

    • My thoughts exactly! “Big boned” and “cuddly” are most accurate. I would also add “squishy” and “makes a great pillow” to the list (although he doesn’t so much appreciate the latter – either in name, or in deed).

  2. I don’t think he’s fat at all. He just looks lovely to me. I love the middle picture. He has the look of a cat who does not want to be disturbed… 🙂

  3. He doesn’t look fat to me. There’s just a lot of him to love! And he looks soooo sweet.

  4. He looks a tad plump and really squishy. A real plush toy 😀

  5. The cat doesn’t look fat to me. I had a friend who had a fat cat . . . it was much bigger than your.

  6. Thank you all for your most helpful assessments of my cats weight! I think you are all right – he’s not fat. At least not anymore. He used to be obese. Honestly. He weighed 21 pounds and could not clean his rear he was so fat. I kid you not. The doctor then commented on how he really must lose weight since he’s getting older, and all that extra weight puts unnecessary strain on his heart. So we changed his diet and his feeding schedule, and he dropped all the way down to thirteen pounds!!! He has gained some of it back, I believe (we must take him to the vet to get weighed again), but he’s not even close to what he was before.

    Ok now we need a better nickname for him than Fat Cat. ***Ideas welcome!***

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