Strangely feeling happy
Strangely feeling content
Strangely feeling beautiful

Strangely feeling balanced
Strangely feeling hopeful
Strangely feeling connected

Strangely feeling self-sufficient
Strangely feeling untouched by pain
Strangely feeling lovable




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3 responses to “Strangely

  1. Yay!!!!
    It is a good feeling abeit strange. Is that Mr. Happy in that pic? Love him. Somehow when I was little I had this love for “happy faces.” Still do.

    • I think it is Mr. Happy! I used to love that book when I was a kid too! I actually have a stuffed yellow happy face that cheers me up when I feel down.

      Yes, it does feel strange to feel content and happy. I think it was actually a result of my very positive therapy session that I had last night which I’ll post more about later. I’m starting to establish real trust and connection with her.

      How are you doing? Are you still feeling the calm/content feelings?

      Sending smiles your way.

      • I think I might have the same stuffed yellow happy face pillow. It’s about 18 inches in diameter or so….actually it was given to my son when he was initially hospitalized. Someone nearby painted one of those old huge satelite dishes to resemble this and I want to steal it and put it on top of my house. My husband says he will just paint the face on our old small dish but it is NOT the same. I am looking forward to hearing about your T session and how it helped. As for me, I am back in the thick of dealing with shaky unstable alters. So not great. Happy for you however. Smiles returned.

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