I am a sloth

Okay, well I’m not *actually* a sloth, but I sure am feeling and acting like one today. I’m moving so slowly that if you were to put me up against a turtle in a race, the turtle would win. And I would know. I used to own turtles when I was younger.

I am officially on vacation. Little Guy’s family has gone on a trip to visit family, and I have nearly two weeks to do as I please. Which you might think would cause me some excitement – and let me assure you, yesterday (my first day off), I was quite excited. However, I undertook the feat of grooming (AND shaving – yes, shaving) both my dog and my cat. (For those who follow my blog, it was Fat Cat. Or how he is now known: Not-So-Fat Cat or NSFC.) I honestly wasn’t keeping track, but it probably took me between four and five hours to groom them both.

Today I feel like I’ve been run over by a cement truck. I have a whole slew of things to do today, SINCE I’m leaving for a trip of my own tomorrow! Since Sloth is getting tired simply from typing, I will share more details about my trip later. Suffice to say, this is one exhausted sloth.

Ta-ta for now.




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2 responses to “I am a sloth

  1. Ta ta for now. Enjoy your trip 🙂

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