Greetings from a happy traveler!

Let’s see, where do I start…

I’ve been enjoying my vacation very much. Lots of time for relaxation and rest – both of which are much needed.

My partner and I went for a nice hike yesterday in the valley near where we are staying. We saw a turkey vulture fly right by us! Very cool. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those before. We stopped at the visitors center on the way back to the car to see if she could tell us what kind of bird we had seen. That’s when she identified the turkey vulture for us. That was also when she took from me several of the feathers that I had so excitedly collected on our hike through the hills. She confiscated the coolest ones: the hawk feathers. Apparently you aren’t supposed to take them out of the park*…

For the most part it has been cold and foggy here. Today the sun has emerged though, which has made it a lovely and enjoyable day. Even with the sun out, it is still quite cool, which is a nice change from the sweltering heat of the summer where I live.

My pup has been enjoying herself. There’s a large grassy area where I take her for walks, with a beautiful view. She enjoys the grass; I enjoy the lovely view. She gets so excited that she’s off leash and free that she runs sprints around me. It’s great to see her so happy.

Thursday will be me and my partner’s five year anniversary. Five years. Wow how time flies. It’s quite amazing – each day with her seems to get better and better. What would I do without her in my life?

That’s all to report about so far. Not very exciting, eh?

Hope everyone out there in the blogger community is doing well. I’m thinking of you all, and I’m sending some of the cool breezy sunshine your way.

More soon.
x Brandic

*Next time I’ll be sure to stash my feathers safely away if I go into a visitors center or ranger station rather than holding them out in plain sight. Oops!



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5 responses to “Greetings from a happy traveler!

  1. Congrats on the anniversary!
    About the feathers, that’s pretty standard at national parks here in Canada. You are not allowed to bring anything out — rocks, feathers, antlers, etc. I think it’s to encourage people to leave nature as we find it, and also, to clamp down on people killing animals to gather body parts (which obviously you were not doing!!!). I’ve also seen that rule applied elsewhere to protected species of birds, maybe your hawks are “special” birds with “special” rights? I am sorry you were disappointed.

    • Thanks!

      As for the feathers, I guess I just didn’t know that so wasn’t prepared to hand them over (or for the internal fit that would ensue). Also, this wasn’t a national park, it was a state park I believe, but I suppose the same rules apply. But now I know!

      I’m happy because on my trip to the beach, I found another hawk feather sitting there on the sand, very much like one of the ones that was confiscated. So that made me happy ๐Ÿ™‚

      How are you doing?

      • love your pictures of the beach, it looks absolutely gorgeous. ENVY!!! ha ha. thanks for asking after me, well i will say i have had better weeks, but i am still here and still fighting… feeling better today than i did all weekend…

  2. Aw. I don’t think they should’ve taken the feathers if you just found them on the ground. But I didn’t know that confiscating them was standard practice in parks, either.

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