Back to my life. No thanks.

Home. Feeling blah. Anger pushing up. Ggg. Why must I return to my life. I don’t want my life. I don’t want to be me. I want to be on permanent vacation. A forever escape. Why did I have to come home. I should be happy I’m home. Right? Back with my cats? Back with my partner? Why am I not happy? And where did my peace go? Sorry I must sound like a child complaining. Sometimes I just wish I could press a button and make everything feel easier.



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6 responses to “Back to my life. No thanks.

  1. Same here… Hate coming home!

  2. There is always a letdown when one returns from vacation..sad truth. I do hope these feeling will pass. I am glad you are home safe. 🙂

  3. Out of the Ashes

    I absolutely know the feeling of coming home, and not wanting to. Dreading it after a wonderful vacation. You are not whining at all. Just facing reality and wishing for the day when that reality is different.

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