Real love

I like to use the expression real love versus true love. I think true love connotes “one and only true love” or soul mate. I don’t believe that there is just one person out there who you are destined to be with. I do, however, believe in real love – that you can find a partner who compliments you, affirms you, supports you, wants only the best for you, and gives you their entire heart. I feel so very fortunate that I have found, in my life, real love in the form of my beautiful partner.

The love that I receive from this amazing person holds me up. It nourishes me and heals me. It gives me encouragement to keep going and a soft place in which I can always find comfort. It provides me the assurance that I can succeed with her by my side.

As some as you may know from reading my previous posts, last night we celebrated our five year anniversary. Five years. My longest relationship by far. And for the first time I think ever, I can be rest assured knowing that this person will never leave my side. I’ve never had that sense of security in any relationship, not even close. And it feels better than I could have possibly imagined.



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2 responses to “Real love

  1. This is a beautiful post. It made me smile 🙂

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