Dream of a past friend, not forgotten

I saw her face. She was there, amongst the crowd. Our eyes met. She disappeared.

I sought out her face amongst the sea of strangers. Only strange faces looked back.

But oh, there she was again. She saw me see her. She made her quiet escape into the moving mass. She was gone once again.

I knew what I needed to do. I needed to find her. I needed to tell her I was sorry. But where?

I walked meandering streets seeking out that face, those eyes. She was nowhere. Nowhere and everywhere all at once.

And finally, there she was in front of me. Before she could escape once more I said, hastily, “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” She looked at me with smiling eyes. “I am sorry too.”

I poured out my heart to her. Told her how I never wanted to hurt her, how I hadn’t meant the things that I had said, that I hoped she would forgive me. She told me that all was forgiven, and how much she had missed me.

She introduced me to her friends at her university. They welcomed me with open arms.

Warmth spread over me. I was finally included. I was finally accepted.


Things changed quickly. The warmth of my friend suddenly faded. I went from being seen to being unseen. I sat amongst her and her friends like a shadow, not looked at, not acknowledged: forgotten. Where did I go in her eyes. I no longer existed.



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