Seven Things About Me Award


I’ve been nominated by the lovely Angel Fractured over at The Mirth of Despair. Check out her blog – she’s an amazing writer with a lot of interesting stuff to say.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share seven things about yourself*.
  3. Nominate other bloggers you think deserve the award, and post on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated.

Seven (or in my case, Eight) Things:

  1. I have discovered that taking a cold shower really helps when I’m extremely anxious. This is something that was recommended to me by my therapist (see last post), and it works. It’s quite amazing actually. She said it has something to do with it calming the nervous system. Another thing she recommended when I’m feeling pressure pushing up from inside (something I experience fairly often with my dissociation) is to scrub my body with a loofah sponge. That also is supposed to calm the nerve endings. I’ve been using something similar that works the same way as a loofah sponge does; really anything that exfoliates your body and gets rid of excess skin would do. I combine them: I take a cold shower and use a special scrub pad (that I make soapy first) to scrub all over my skin. This really helps me to feel much calmer. I would highly recommend trying either of these if you are prone to anxiety, panic attacks, or overwhelming internal physical sensations related to anxiety.
  2. Even though I am a Leo (my birthday’s tomorrow!) which is a fire sign, I love water. I love the lakes, rivers, and my favorite: the ocean. I find peace and comfort in natural bodies of water. When I was a teenager, I used to ride my bike down to the ocean and spend all day there. By myself. With my walkman** and my magazines in my backpack, I would head down there and spend all day lying on the beach, reading, listening to music, and swimming in the ocean. As lonely as I was at that time, I found friendship and solace in the ocean. I would talk to the ocean as though it were listening. (Who says that it wasn’t?) I would float endlessly on my back with the sun on my face and the bobbing waves underneath me. Even though there are things to be fearful of in the ocean, I felt no fear. I was safe. I was being held. I was being protected. I was home.
  3. I miss being on a sports team. I think the Olympics is bringing out these feelings. (I am currently watching the US women’s volleyball team against Turkey. Go USA!) I miss volleyball. I miss basketball. But more than the sports themselves, I miss the feeling of camaraderie and team spirit that comes with being part of an athletic club. All units of a team are working together, bringing their own talents and skills in a dance of movement and working toward a common goal. I miss what comes after the game is over, the feeling of satisfaction that winning brings, the exhaustion and “happy” that they body experiences from being worked so vigorously. I have joined old people’s sports teams (ahem, I mean “adult sporting leagues”) at the local rec centers, but it’s just not the same. There is no coach pushing you to be better. There is a sense of discontinuity, since you only see one another once a week to play the games. I miss it, I really do.
  4. Although I struggled in many different courses in school – English and history were the absolute worst since my brain doesn’t seem able to retain information- I excelled in math. Numbers made sense to me. People didn’t make sense, but numbers did. Then, when I took a psychology course my senior year of high school, I was awed and amazed. It satisfied my desire to try to understand human behavior  in a way that made sense, since it was based in science and research. I loved learning about brain chemistry and the way neurotransmitters work in the brain. Perhaps one day I will become a neuropychologist!
  5. I adore dogs. For so many reasons. They are the one animal, or at least it seems, who gives pure and unconditional love, devotion, and loyalty. Dogs don’t hold grudges (unlike cats!). They don’t have bad days. They are genuinely happy to see you each and every time you return to them, and they don’t hold anything back. They display their emotions right on their (little doggy) sleeves. You are the center of their lives. The adore you. They worship you. They will never leave you, for as long as you’ll have them. What gets better than that!***
  6. I like carrots with peanut butter, scrambled eggs with ketchup, and apple pie with cheddar cheese. People think I’m weird, but all I can say is, mmmmmh.
  7. I don’t like reality shows. Well, except Top Chef (I  have a secret chef hidden somewhere inside of me, yearning to come out ;)). My favorite types of tv shows are ones that combine drama and sci-fi with humor. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is among my top favorites, if not my my very favorite. I discovered it long after it had gone off the air, and I watched it the entire way through. I’ve actually been meaning to start another Buffy marathon soon. My favorite characters from Buffy are Spike and Drucilla, both vampires. And arguably the coolest (fictional) vampires ever to have walked the earth. My two current favorite shows are Fringe and Lost Girl. Favorite characters? On Fringe: Walter Bishop (played by the fabulous actor John Noble). He loves licorice and is amazing. On Lost Girl: tough one… probably Kensi. She is a witty, gothy, Russian-speaking beauty who makes me laugh every episode with her quirky comments. She is played by actor Ksenia Solo – Isn’t she gorgeous? If you like sci-fi and haven’t seen either of these shows, you must check them out!
  8. I love things that elicit my sense of adventure. [Well, except bungee jumping. Hell-to-the-no.] Roller coasters, waterslides, etc. I’ve been skydiving – one of the more memorable and amazing experiences of my life. For my birthday (did I mention it’s tomorrow?!), my partner bought me two fifteen-minute sessions on a… get this… wait for it… wait for it………………………… a JET PACK! It’s a special jet pack that you wear in the water that sucks water into the pack and then shoots it out, rocketing you into the air. Well, perhaps slowly lifting you. But still.  It has the potential to lift you two stories above the water. That is right. Two stories. Wanna see a picture of someone doing it?

This will be me in two days!!!


I nominate two blogs that I have discovered recently and that I have never nominated before:

Pride in Madness


pensees sans frontieres

Both are great sites, I recommend you check them out!



* I’m breaking the rules and writing eight things about myself. Because I can. 😉

** Yes, walkman. This was before mp3 players and ipods and even cds – what can I say, I’m old.

*** I do realize that I  must sound like quite the narcissist saying these things. What can I say, I love being worshiped! (Perhaps this is the Leo in me?) Although I do have to say that being worshiped by a dog sounds much more appealing than being worshiped by a human. That would get old.



I have more awards as well as tags to accept, so stay tuned! So if you’ve nominated me, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten! (Or perhaps I have, but I do a thorough search on my blog to find them all :D)



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7 responses to “Seven Things About Me Award

  1. If you like sci-fi dramas, I would highly recommend Babylon 5. It’s like Star Trek but ten times better, with a mythic/epic feel. It’s somewhat dated (early-mid 90’s), but the storytelling is amazing.

    Also, of course, Firefly, ’cause Joss Whedon is god.

  2. feral55

    Having a lost girl marathon as we speak. 😊 the jet pack looks awesome. Sky diving was on of the most peaceful times of my life. Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

  3. That means you are having a birthday today then doesn’t it?! Happy birthday lovely lady 🙂

    I also remember walkmans. I loved my walkman. It seems amazing to think about them now….. you actually had to turn the tape over and fastforward if you wanted to listen to a song again! Bizarre!

    • Yes it is strange to think about isn’t it! Fast forwarding to listen to your favorite song? Lol

      Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes. I’m having a good day so far 🙂

  4. Nice to find out about you 🙂

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