An anxiety day

I’m a bit out of sorts today. The anxiety has a strong hold on me, and is holding on for dear life. So, my goal for today is just to get through it. Keep my head above water and keep treading. The body sensations are still coming, daily. My body is still extremely sore from the mayhem that took place the other night. I said I would write about it, but to be honest, I simply don’t have the energy. It’s taking everything out of me just to function.

Sorry folks, that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope my next post is a little bit more informative, or a little more interesting.



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8 responses to “An anxiety day

  1. Have a hug from me lovely and hold on tight. Much love, WeeGee xx

  2. More hugs. Just rest. You are loved.

  3. Big hug! Bloody anxiety ey! x

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