The beast of self loathing


I am face to face with the beast of self loathing. It is much bigger than I. Much fiercer. More determined to win this fight. Perhaps I should just lay down and surrender. Sometimes I wish I could just give up in this fight of life.

Sorry for the dark post. My head is quite dark at the moment.



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5 responses to “The beast of self loathing

  1. Hang in there, sending positive thoughts and hugs your way! xx

  2. Don’t give into it. Remember self loathing comes from you, and you are the one who has the ability to starve it, or feed it. You may feel like you have no energy to fight or no strength to push back, but self-loathing is taking from you. Try to take back what rightfully belongs to you<3<3<3

  3. I understand this feeling. Sometimes it feels much easier to give in than keep fighting. 😦 *hugs*

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