Little successes and small achievements

This is going to be a short post since I’m tired and quite honestly don’t have very much to say, but I want to share a couple things anyway.

Today I received 100 followers to my blog. Which might not be much to some of you, but I am proud of it and wanted to share. My blog may not have a particular “purpose” other than to share what’s going on in my mind of a day-to-day basis – my struggles with dissociation, anxiety, and the like – but I feel proud and honored that some of you have stuck around and felt it worthwhile to follow and read from time to time. So, thank you.

I also wanted to say that today marks the fourth day I’ve gone without a cigarette. Again, this may not seem like much to some, but for me this is quite the accomplishment. I had taken up smoking again a few months back, and have not been able to kick the habit thus far. Four full days is a record. Of which I am very proud!

So thank you to everyone, both old and new, who has followed me along the way. You are all a part of my journey, however big or small, and I value you very much.

Goodnight from Brandicland!

xx Brandic



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9 responses to “Little successes and small achievements

  1. Congratulations – 100 followers is a real milestone.
    And FOUR days! I can’t even do one. Well done 🙂

  2. Thank you Dory!

    Trust me… it’s HARD. I’ve been chewing so much gum it feels as though my jaw were going to fall off! I am nothing though if I’m not determined 😉

  3. Congrats! Those are both awesome things.

  4. Cath

    All my life i have been searching for answers to ME, how i can change my thought process, how i can think and be what i believe a normal person is, how do i stop this anger and hatred towards myself but to no avail. I am still me (who ever that is). Sorry i am ranting and should get to the the point. I am at a particularly low place today and to make it even worse i had an argument with my partner that had been (in my eyes) brewing like a storm for weeks. To sum it up at the end of the argument things had done a topsy turvy and it seems once again what i thought were legitimate resons for being upset turns out to be “in my head” or “over analysation on my behalf”. Excuse the note of sarcasam. Surely it cant always be me!!!!!!!.
    Any way i got onto the net looking for answers and googled “Self Loathing”.
    It led me to a comment posted by you and had ur blog site underneath. I went to it and started reading, a couple of hours later and as many months into ur life and i was sobbing. Not with saddness but with relief. I felt i was reading alot of my own thoughts in words and in writing, something i struggle to do myself. My mind is so chaotic sometimes and my feelings so raw that i find it impossible to put into words how im feeling. Ur blog and you have just made an incredible impact and iguess what im trying to say is………………. thank you. For the first time in my life i feel a little less alone.

    • Wow, what a heartfelt comment. I truly can’t tell you what it means to me. So often I feel so alone with everything in my head, so alone in my life, so alone in the world. I write this blog to help get some of the loneliness out of my head and onto paper (er, computer screen?). I often don’t expect people to understand, and often expect them not to. But when people do understand, can relate to my words, and find comfort in them somehow, that makes me feel just a little less lonely. Thanks again for sharing what you did and for stopping in this way. 🙂

      • Cath

        Among other things I’m not computer literate in any way shape or form but I get by, so not sure if this is the kosha way to make contact or not. I will keep reading ur posts and leave a comment now and then but please feel free to make contact via email if u ever feel the need. Not sure if u get the email address that I put in here or not. Oh and great going with the smoking, lol another parallel. I have recently given up not that I wanted to but was sick of the flack I was copping for it and yes I wanted to want to give up for a long time it’s week 3 for me. It sure doesn’t help with the anxiety and anger but hey every day is another day without. So keep it up and give ur self a huge pat on the back for every smoke u don’t have.

  5. Wow! Those are two massive achievements… well done you 😀

    I know how hard it is to quit smoking but the first two weeks are the worst so keep on going….

    V proud of you xxxx

  6. 100 followers is a great effort! Maybe not compared to some blogs, but great all the same! Im a new follower and look forward to reading your blog. Kat 🙂

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