Day of silence

Today I want to retreat inside myself. I want to turn the world off. I don’t want to speak. Today I wish I could be a turtle and pull my limbs into my shell and stay there. To be a baby bird and snuggle into my nest, warm and tight. To be dead, my body buried deep in the ground far away from the world above. A morbid thought I know. But a nice one to me. The world just feels unsafe at this moment. If only I could hide, far away from it all.



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6 responses to “Day of silence

  1. I also wish there was a way to turn the world off. Hold on tight – it will feel different soon. Promise xx

  2. Is there anything you can do to simulate those things? Such as huddling in a dark room in bed under the covers with a stuffed animal? And then falling asleep?

  3. I feel like this at times! Hope you start feeling better soon hun xx

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