Miss Sickie gets sicker



This will be a short post because I am feeling nothing short of awful. My throat feels like what (I’m guessing) a cat-scratch post must feel like. It’s feeling perpetually scratchy (duh), stinging, and burning. Oh, and like someone is sticking pins in it. Sounds fun, huh? I made (what any normal person would think is) a delicious dinner, but then didn’t feel like eating it and instead opted to just make myself a smoothie instead. That says a lot if I’m willing to happily set aside a yummy (home cooked) meal for a smoothie! I’m not one to turn down good food!

The good news is, since I’m feeling so crappy physically, that has actually taken my mind off all my other stuff – ie the difficult, painful stuff I posted about earlier. Hm, perhaps I should get sick more often! (joking! universe please take note that I am, in fact, joking)


Night friends. Early to bed for Miss Sickie.








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4 responses to “Miss Sickie gets sicker

  1. escapingdarkness

    Hope you feel better soon. Kat 🙂

  2. Out of the Ashes

    Hope today finds you feeling some relief. Hugs.

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