Things that move me

Since my posts have been pretty heavy lately, I thought I would write a lighter one.


When I was driving yesterday, I saw a billboard that said something like, “what are the things that move you” or something to that effect. I think it was an ad for a bank or something. Anyway, the advertising obviously worked, since I’m still thinking about it. Ever since I saw that billboard I’ve been pondering what the things are that move me, and thought I would share them on here.

I know that I have quite a few readers from other countries, and whose primary language is not English. So I want to explain this expression for them, since a literal interpretation wouldn’t make much sense. If something “moves you”, it means that it is very meaningful to you; that it touches your heart; that it shifts, or alters, or “moves” something deep inside you; that just by seeing, or witnessing, or thinking about, or knowing this thing, that you are changed as a result – even if the change is temporary, or even just momentary.

Things that move me:

  • Stories of survival, against all odds
  • Stories of victory and triumph in the face of adversity
  • When humans reach out to help others, especially when it is difficult, inconvenient, or dangerous to do so – for example, I once saw a car pull over under a freeway overpass on a rainy day. A woman, the driver, jumped out the car and ran over to a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk, and handed him her umbrella. Jumped back in her car and drove away. The event took all of ten seconds, but it’s a scene that will live on in my mind forever.
  • When people stand up to discrimination and/or repression
  • Love in unlikely places – for example when you see/read stories about two animals who become bonded, like a cat and a bird, that you wouldn’t expect
  • Examples of compassion and generosity
  • Beauty in nature – spectacular mountains, gorgeous sunsets, intricate flowers, patterns of a butterfly’s wings
  • The vulnerability of frailty and the strength of vulnerability
  • Genuinely happy children or animals
  • ***

    What about you? What moves you?



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    8 responses to “Things that move me

    1. really enjoyed the post, I needed it today. x

    2. This is a beautiful post. Kindness always moves me. It’s a shame it doesn’t happen more often…. xx

      • Thank you Wee Gee. Kindness always moves me too. 🙂

        How are you doing lovely? I feel like i haven’t heard from you in awhile (or perhaps I just feel that way since I’ve been sick!). Are you doing okay?

        hugs, hugs, and more hugs xxxxx

        • Hello sweetie. I’m doing okay ta. I’ve been a bit quite of late I guess but I have been reading your posts. Hope you are feeling better?

          Lots of hugs back


          • I am feeling better, thank you. I was just having one of my freak out nights where everything was overwhelming me and I was hating myself and feeling like a failure. Thankfully it has passed. Thanks for your comment sweetie xx

    3. Out of the Ashes

      Honesty, generosity with no strings attached, compassion, going the extra mile are all things that come to mine quickly. Things that move me are things you generally cannot buy nor put a price on. Here are some more. Experiences where lovingkindness wins. The underdog gaining respect and adoration. Perseverence, courage, faith.

      Lovely topic.

      Here is a video I found awhile back you will love. A duck taking care of five abandoned kittens. It is amazing.
      And adorable.

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