Silent protest

One by one they cut

Another gash into my chest

Making me a mess

Wanting to escape

Not wanting to wait

For death to come knocking at my door

Ever more

Screaming out in silence protest




How is it that I can be feeling okay (albeit sick) one moment, and totally overwhelmed with anger, frustration, and discontent the next. Want to shout at the world to stop turning. Scream at everyone that I’m hurting. Yet it all stays locked inside. Inside where the gashes continue to bleed.


Sorry for the heavy post. It’s just how I’m feeling at the moment. Want to crawl up into a hole and die. Hating the world. Hating myself. Hating this heat. Hating my own mind. Wanting to sleep forever. Never wake up.

I want to say no to all of it.


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One response to “Silent protest

  1. Try and rest, be gentle to you self. When I am ill they always seem worse. Hope this passes soon. xx

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