This darn cold thingie

I feel like a lame bum (bum in the sense of a behind, not in the sense of a transient) because I haven’t been keeping up with others blogs. I do apologize. Nor have I responded to others comments on my blog yet. I simply just haven’t have the energy.

I’m still feeling sick. I didn’t sleep well since I was up all night coughing. It’s still hard to say exactly whether this is a really bad cold thingie (which is the official medical term for it – cold thingie) or my body’s reaction to me quitting smoking (it’s been over two weeks without a cigarette!). Either way, it’s not fun as you can imagine. Yesterday I lost my voice, and could only speak in a whisper, alternating with periods where my voice would be stronger but you could only hear every other word I said. It made for some funny miscommunication between my partner and I.

Partner: Do you want to swing by the music store before the movie, since we have some time to kill?

Me: Uh huh – “huh” being the only word she heard.

Partner: I said, do you want to walk over to the record store since we have time to kill before our movie…

Me: I said, “uh huh

Partner: I said…

Me: [squeaking out] yes!

Partner: Oh, I thought you couldn’t hear me and were saying “huh?”

Me: [whispering into my partners ear] No I was saying uh huh but only the huh was coming out!

We had a good laugh about that.

Today I am laying low. I have a book club meeting which I’m determined to go to later on this evening, since I read the book this time and loved it. A Sense Of An Ending by Julian Barnes. I would highly recommend it! So by the time book club comes, I hope my voice is more than a whisper and the occasional squeak…

Speaking of books, when my partner and I walked over to the record store before our movie yesterday (see above convo), they were having a book sale out front. I ended up buying six books for – get this – seven dollars! And all good ones too!! Here is a list of the books I got:

  • Nickel and Dimed: On (not) getting by in America by Barbara Ehrenreich
  • Daddy Was A Number Runner by Louise Meriwether
  • Prozac Nation: Young and depressed in America – a memoir by Elizabeth Wurtzel
  • Strength In What Remains by Tracy Kidder
  • Invisible Life by E. Lynn Harris
  • Easter Island by Jennifer Vanderbes
  • The last one is the only one I’m not sure about… But hey it was only a buck! I’ll be letting you all know how they are as I plow my way through them. I’m excited to have a whole stack of books to read!

    Perhaps now I’ll get to reading and catching up with others blogs. Hope you all are having a nice Sunday!



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    4 responses to “This darn cold thingie

    1. You read E. Lynn Harris? I just remember we read something by him for a class one time and no one liked it. If This World Were Mine. That was it. We kind of laughed at how trite it was. I take it he’s written some better books, though?

      • Oh, and I meant to see it indeed sounds like you got a great deal. 😉

      • Hi Angel! Quite honestly, I haven’t read anything from any of these authors, let alone even heard of them. I have heard the title of Prozac Nation being thrown around, but I have no idea if it’s any good. The E Lynn Harris book peaked my curiosity because it’s about black, bisexual males in America and what their experience is like in our society. I just thought it sounded interesting. I know nothing of the author or his writings though, but I will let you know what I think of the book as soon as I read it. I hope it’s better than the book you read! 😀

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