Rage Day

Have you not heard? Today is National Rage Day. Just kidding. This is my pitiful attempt at humor.

Today has been the following:

  • Rage Day
  • Extreme Self-Loathing Day
  • Wanting-to-punch-a-wall Day
  • My Life Is Fucked Day
  • I’m A Pathetic Loser Day
  • What Is Wrong With Me Day
  • I Hate Myself Day
  • What’s The Point Day
  • I Have Nothing To Complain About Day
  • Why Aren’t I Dead Yet Day
  • Lovely, eh? Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Ugh.

    I want to scream and the screams are all trapped inside. I don’t know how much longer I can live like this.



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    3 responses to “Rage Day

    1. artyelf

      Scream into a pillow, let all the rage out, then let yourself cry – and know that there are people who are thinking of you, like me, and sending you love today. ♡

      • Thank you. I was able to let some of it out in therapy. Seems as though it’s a dissociated part of me who’s holding that anger – which is not surprising. Thanks lovely xx

    2. Sounds like a typical day in WeeGee land! I hope you feel better soon xxx

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