Thanks facebook :)

Wanted to share some things from Facebook that people posted recently that made me smile. We all need smiles in our lives, don’t we?





I saw this one last one and teared up. It makes me realize how rare this sort of thinking has become. Now, it’s every man for himself versus the idea of helping to lift each other up. I applaud this business owner for their honor, their generosity, and their example




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2 responses to “Thanks facebook :)

  1. Hah!

    I especially like the semicolon one because I’m a grammar nerd. In 11th grade, right before an essay test, the English teacher went on a rant about how no one knows grammar anymore, and as part of that rant she said no one in our grade could correctly use a colon and semicolon, especially in the same sentence. Grammarian and smartass that I am, I did it twice on the essay and pointed it out in the margin. When I got the grades test back, she’d written on it that she had to grudgingly admit that one person in our grade did, in fact, know how to use them correctly.

    • Hahaha Sara, that is quite funny. That made me laugh. I love that you pointed it out to her in the margin lol! I am a bit embarrassed to say that although I *think* I know how to use a colon and semicolon properly, I’m sure, in fact, that I horribly misuse (and overuse) them in a most atrocious way.

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