Wrapping myself up in kindness

There’s a time for reflection

A time for introspection

A time to dwell

And a time to move on

See me?

I am moving on.


We deserve to give only the best to ourselves. And that includes not allowing ourselves to be subjected to unfair words or accusations. I am standing strong. I will not let these words haunt my waking thoughts. I have given away my power too much to let people take my power away anymore. People can say whatever they like about me, that’s their choice. But I have choices too. I can protect myself from these words. I can turn away from the accusations and unkind words. I will not engage. I am my own person, I am strong, and I am better than to lower myself to the gossip that is going on about me.

I will not get angry. I will not lash out. I will simply turn and walk away. Then there will be no more fuel for their unkindness. “Disengage,” as they say.


I am feeling especially vulnerable, as I have read some unkind things this morning that people have written about me. It’s a bit mind boggling to be honest, and especially unexpected by one party. But so it goes, doesn’t it. What am I to do but to wrap myself in kindness. I can only let people hurt me if I let them. I refuse to let them. It is time to take care of me. And no one can take care of me better than me, right?



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4 responses to “Wrapping myself up in kindness

  1. I am truly sorry…I don’t understand why we humans continue to hurt each other. Wouldn’t kindness and support be a better way to go? I hope the rest of your day has improved. x

  2. artyelf

    I don’t know who is writing these things, if I did I would step in like you did for me yesterday. I don’t understand these cliques that seem to arise on WP. Shouldn’t those who write under the tags we share, just be upholding each other with kindness?
    Try to ignore the ugliness, I know this is hard to do. But as you say, it’s time to take care of you. ♡

  3. Dear oh dear. What get’s into people. I’m sorry you are feeling vulnerable but I think you have the right idea. Take care of you and be strong. Much love, WeeGee xx

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