Pre-trip jitters

I’m leaving this morning for a trip. I will be away for about four weeks. Why is it that when you are going away for a long trip and you wake up obscenely early (worrying that you didn’t pack everything), suddenly the only thing of any importance is getting every last little bit of music that you’d forgot to put on your ipod onto your ipod. That’s the mode I’m in right now. I’m in an importing frenzy. I have all my cds stacked on my desk, and once itunes kindly blips to me that the last cd is finished, I race to put the next one in. So um, yeah.

I will be posting updates as the days go along, as I’m sure I will have ample time in the evenings to read and blog.

I hope all of you have a great wednesday. I will be spending most of it on a plane with Little Guy and Mom-of-little-guy. And somehow trying to keep him happy and occupied, since now his new favorite things are running and climbing (he’s just discovered how fast he can truly run).

I leave you with a song. (Anyone else like The Shins?)

with smiles and gratitude,




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3 responses to “Pre-trip jitters

  1. escapingdarkness

    Have a great trip! Kat 🙂

  2. Have a good trip and remember…breathe xx

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