Finally, a moments rest!

Hello to all my dear faithful followers. I am currently eating a Twix bar and laying back against a profuse amount of hotel bed cushions, enjoying my free time at long last. [Although I must admit, I will most likely be going to bed in about 10 minutes.]

It’s been a hard and intense last couple days. Long hours, very little to no sleep, no personal space or “me” time of any kind. Mom-of-little-guy had to work long hours today which I didn’t expect. I also was up for a couple hours in the middle of the night last night with him, since I’m sure it’s hard adjusting to a new place for someone so little…

Things Little Guy and I did today:

  • had a lazy morning
  • read lots of books
  • swam in the hotel’s pool
  • walked to the nearest grocery store
  • ate a complimentary buffet dinner, compliments of the hotel (I ate most of it – apparently Little Guy doesn’t like chicken and dumplings…)
  • gave Little Guy a bath
  • Ps It’s harder than I thought being a “traveling nanny”!

    Love and warm thoughts to all of you, my dear devoted readers. 😀



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    7 responses to “Finally, a moments rest!

    1. Good to hear from you. Sounds like you’re keeping busy!

    2. Sounds very time absorbing in the good sort of way. Hope you’re doing well!! <3<3<3

    3. Ann

      But, you are doing a great job of it! You have to be very adaptable to be taking care of kids. We give you a lot of credit for leaving a “safe” place to being out in the world! It’s not that it is dangerous per say … just have to take care of your own parts who also might think it hard adjusting too? Giving you our best “heads up!”

      Always our best,


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