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Hello dear friends and followers,

For my own psychological health, I need to stop writing on this blog. Actually, at least for now, I need to stop blogging altogether. It was keeping me ill. It was actually bringing up in me a tremendous amount of turmoil inside, which I would then blog about. It was a vicious cycle. Since I’ve stopped blogging, I’m doing surprisingly better. Less of the constant anxiety and getting triggered, less overall dissociation, less obsessive thinking/compulsive behaviors.

I know I have new followers to my blog, and to you, I deeply apologize. If I could keep writing on here I would. I just simply can’t. I must take care of myself. And this blog became a hinderence to my own healing rather than a help.

I wish only the best to all of you in your lives and in your journeys. Some of you helped me in ways I cannot put into words, and I will be eternally grateful.

xo Brandic



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