Mental bleeding

I am falling into nothingness. My thoughts swarm like bees in a hive yet on the surface all is still. I want to break the bitter silence with my scream. Let it rip through the impenetrable layers of my mind and tear holes in my flesh. Let my body bleed so that my mind doesn’t have to. My mind has been bleeding my whole life. One long continuous flow of pain.

When will it ever stop?



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4 responses to “Mental bleeding

  1. How are you doing, Brandic? You sound so lost in the misery and emotions. I’m here listening, and sending comfort your way. It’st not much I know, but I hope that it means something. <3<3<3

  2. My family members every time say that I am killing my time here
    at net, except I know I am getting experience
    everyday by reading such good articles.

  3. Jono

    Just read this and relate to your thought so strongly, I’m tapping this out with tears in my eyes. You have a beautiful insight into the world. I was googling for the quote ‘nothing in my noggin’ and now have had this wonderful excursion. It’s like a smile from a stranger, it can mean more than anything. Thank you

    • Hello Jono. I deeply apologize for just responding now. Sometimes my brain can be in other places – sorry!

      Your heartfelt response means so much. I often write just for very selfish purposes – and mental rant, an emotional release, etc – but comments like yours help me to realize that my writing – however painful the stuff is sometimes that I write about – can be seen, felt, and understood by others and in this way a connection can form.

      I’m so glad my blog has touched you. And I am a stranger sending a smile your way. 🙂

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